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Books deal with bullying at work. Written in non-academic plain English and based on hard-won practical experience, Tim Field wrote and published Bully in sight in 1996 since when tens of thousands of people worldwide have benefited from its validation, insight and reassurance. Regularly described as a "Godsend", a "bible" and "the best book on workplace bullying", readers are amazed at the uncanny accuracy which enables you to predict what the bully will do next. Its content-rich pages library partners furnish you with knowledge of bullying profiles and behaviours and the book is packed with practical information, guidance and anti-bullying strategies empowering you to take positive, purposeful action.

Chapter by chapter you make sense of the nightmare of trying to deal with an aggressive dysfunctional manager or co-worker or colleague. Bully in sight re-establishes your sanity, stability and objectivity, enabling you to overcome the falsely-instilled belief that "It must be me" and "It must be my fault". Whilst the focus of Bully in sight is workplace bullying, many people have found it invaluable for financing library identifying and dealing with bullies wherever they occur - at work, at home, in the family, in a relationship, in the neighbourhood or in the community.

Bully books are in libraries  in sight is regarded as the world's leading book on bullying at work - but don't just take our word for it, see for yourself what readers say and how it validated their experience, empowered them with insight, and enabled them to regain control of their lives.

Readers are comforted by discovering they are not alone in their experience and are relieved to realise that the stress they are suffering is a psychiatric injury and nothing to do with mental illness.

Bully in sight also explains to partners, family members, friends, union officials, professionals and others the hell you are experiencing as the target of a serial bully.

Bully books are in libraries and they enable you to overcome the feelings of fear, shame, embarrassment and guilt that bullies and abusive people use to control you, and many satisfied readers come back for more copies, or to purchase the two complementary books Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bullycide: death at playtime.

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  • A pilot web-enabled database as a model for a system providing information about and access to library, archive and museum collections in London
  • A web site displaying the pilot database and content
  • Data from partners to populate and test the database

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